Client: Croatian Telecom, McCann Zagreb

"For the occasion of unveiling a new Croatian Telecom product, a campaign was made telling the story of a family that is together even when apart thanks to the services provided by the "MAXFamily" package.
The story told through a TVC was reimagined in the digital world, creating in the process a magical environment in which both children and adults could enjoy and participate.

For the final launch we created a unique website with 24 animated and interactive episodes, integrating a pre-phase app/game, a user contest with rewards, and much much more. With a simple and fast setup, the user was given an option to enter his own names for the heroes and sidekicks, the change would automatically update all episodes to correspond with the user's new names in the story.
To support the main content two more side games/apps were developed. The first invited users to participate in playing a creative game making graphic elements that would be included in the final story (E.g. treasure in the giant bird's lair, wizards hat, etc.), and also win contest prizes in the process. The second app enabled users to send a personalized digital postcard from any of the episodes. In the end, all users were given a chance to download a video or pdf so they could keep their experience for rewatching even after the campaign ended.
Trumbiceva 14,
10000 Zagreb , Croatia

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